Who we are at Geoalert?

We are a diverse team of profesionals and researchers.
Our core team unites experts in CV / Machine Learning, Geospatial technologies and Software engineering.

We apply AI to Earth Observation data to better understand our changing environment and help analysts and cartographers together work on business workflows and solve global challenges.

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We love Maps and Data Science

We open a new company in U.S.
Number of long-term commercial Mapflow accounts reaches over 10, number of new active users reaches over 2K monthly.
We enter revenue scalar acceleration program with singapore based accelerator to get ready to the fund raising and international business networking.

We partner with the leading Chinese satellite imagery providers to maximumize the number of avaialble data sources for our commercial clients.
First reseller agreements signed in India.
We open a new engineering office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
China and India hold the top places in our rank of Mapflow.ai visitors by country.

Mapflow.ai is launched.
We release our open-source Mapflow plugin for QGIS.
Data catalog of high-resolution imagery is integrated into our platform.
The leading mobile company selects Mapflow as a cloud platform for the pilot project to update maps for the radio frequency design and planning.

We start a transition from an MVP to a fully-functional platform. We complete a country-wide AI mapping commercial project for African country .
Our vegetation detection model is successfully adopted by one of our customers for satellite-based powerline corridors monitoring.

We found Geoalert while doing a research project. To test our technology we use satellite imagery for the large populated areas generating over 50 million buidling footprints. The platform prototype was born.
We start using the term AI mapping to shape up the product vision.

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